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Koning Breast CT Introduced at RSNA

West Henrietta, New York… Koning Corporation today announced the introduction of its Cone Beam CT system, Koning Breast CT (KBCT) at the 98th annual Radiological Society of North America Meeting (RSNA) in Chicago.

KBCT is the first commercially available, fully-integrated, low dose dedicated breast CT scanner designed specifically to image the entire breast with high spatial and contrast resolution. KBCT consists of a cushioned exam table with a cutout in the center combined with a horizontal X-ray assembly. The patient lies face down with the breast suspended through the opening. Hundreds of images of the entire breast are taken in a 360 degree circle in less than 10 seconds without compression of the breast tissue. Volumetric images are then presented on a high resolution display in ultra-thin multi-slice/ multiplaner format as well as full 3D isotropic resolution..

Unlike current 2D diagnostic mammography, which has well recognized limitations, KBCT virtually eliminates tissue overlap and superimposition of structures. It is the tissue overlap and superimposition of structure which is often responsible for the failure to diagnose breast cancer early when it is most treatable. Thus, the new KBCT technology has the potential to detect breast cancer earlier, saving lives and reducing ever growing health care costs.

Clinical studies indicate that KBCT has the potential to supplement and/or replace other breast imaging modalities as well, to include Breast MRI, Ultrasound and Stereotactic Biopsy.

KBCT Has received the CE Mark and is approved for sale in the European Union. Approval in the USA and China is expected as early as next year.

About Koning

Koning Corporation, founded in 2002, is an International Medical Imaging Company with offices in West Henrietta, New York and Tianjin, China (Koning Tianjin Medical Equipment Co. LTD), developing and marketing “state of the art” Cone Beam CT Scanners for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and other medical applications. Development of the KBCT technology and system has been Supported in part by NIH/NCI SBIR grant (1R44 CA103236 ) and SBIR Bridge Grant (2R44 CA 103236-05 ).

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